New technology has almost given us X-ray vision, with thermal imaging and moisture meter tools to find possible issues inside the walls, endoscopes to see inside the pipes, and so many more things. Drones could even eliminate the ladder, but there is something to be said for hands on inspecting. I personally think we are not far off of small robots being able to go into small spaces with cameras we previously could not reach, possibly seeing structural issues that could possibly go unnoticed. In that, I believe all these things can create a better customer service with more efficient inspections, some automation on the paperwork end making things faster, also having consistent markers in the programs means there is less of a chance of something being missed, bringing forth very accurate information for you. In that, this leaves room for time to be spent on a very thorough inspection in a safer manner, all the while being very accessible via the internet.

While you focus on the location, style, size and amenities you need, We will take care of evaluating the major systems – like plumbing, cooling, electrical, structure. After the extensive and thorough inspection that exceeds standards, including moisture meter wall readings, infrared heat searches and endoscope plumbing checks, you will be provided with a detailed written report to help you make the best decision you can.